Nextime Table or Wall Fantome Skeleton Clock

The fantome clock is a classy clock made of glass and steel and an analogue, skeletal mechanism made of chromed single pieces in a silver finish. A mirror background creates an optical illusion allowing both, back and front of the clock, to be visible at the same time. It is simply breath taking. The visual effect of the ghost clock is simply mesmerizing. When looking at the carriage clock, you are encouraged to slowly walk around the clock in an attempt to decipher the optical illusion. Cleverly combining clear, beautifully engraved glass with a skeletal mechanism and mirrored background gives the contemporary clock an unnatural depth of field, and allows both the front and the ghostly back of the clock to be visible at the same time. A perfect contemporary transcription of the classic carriage clock, It is usually found haunting a mantelpiece, bookcase or table top.

Product Information

Product No.
Number Type
No Numbers
Time Display
Height (inches)
14.5 inches
Width (inches)
9.5 inches
AA battery
Rs. 13,500