Iris Naivedya Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja Pack

This is a unique concept to help today's generation to perform Ganesh Puja with their family, without the hassle of procuring the ingredients for the Puja. The Pack contains a booklet with complete write up on Pooja Vidhana (Process) in 6 different languages. Ganesh Chathurthi Pooja Kit also consists of all the necessary items required to do a complete Pooja. We are giving the purest form of ingredients which includes Kumkum, Haldhi, Vibhuthi etc. The Ganesh Murthi (Idol) is organic and will not cause any harm to the environment after Visarjan. We are also presenting an Audio CD with chants and complete Pooja Vidhana (Process) with the pack.

Product Information

Product No.
Length (inches)
10.0 inches
Width (inches)
2.0 inches
Rs. 985