Marvel Chef Basket W Folding Handle

This stainless steel chef basket W folding handle allows you to cook with convenience. There is a way to save time and space in the kitchen and have fun while you cook. The secret is the chef basket, a kitchen assistant designed to help in many ways. It allows you to serve food directly from the pot to the plate without danger of burning through their special handles that prevent burns. You can cook pasta, steam vegetables, fry seafood, boil eggs and do so much more.


  • Can be used for boiling, frying, cooking, steaming and scalding
  • The handles are insulated thereby preventing burns
  • Can also be used to serve food
  • Stays flat when folded
  • Can also be used for washing and rinsing

Product Information

Product No.
Stainless Steel
Height (inches)
3.1 inches
Chef Basket
Rs. 599