Iris Electrical Fragrance Hot Plate Vaporiser Hammered

This is an electrical vaporiser which is designed to spread the surrounding with the fresh and energetic aroma. This is a pre assembled product which can be filled with two third of the bowl on top with water and add about 20-25 drops of vaporizer oil and close the lid. The vaporiser can be connected with 220 V AC. The vaporiser has one hot plate which heats and diffuses the vaporiser oil. The solution(water+ oil) lasts for 6-8 hr. It comes with a 1 electrical fragrance vaporiser and one 10 ml vaporiser oil. Don't handle product while in use. To clean, use warm soapy water and wipe dry. Do not allow to dry up and fill it with fresh mixture of oil and water if it below 10 ml and not switch off. Do not place near flammable material. Never submerge unit in water. The product height is 4 inches and diameter is 4.5 inches.

Product Information

Product No.
Type Of Product
Fragrance Sets
Rs. 1,700