Elements Incense Sticks Gift Pack

This pack of 40 incense sticks comes with a wooden holder all put together in a beautiful tin box. These incense sticks come in 7 different fragrances ranging from flowery to fruity to musk.They last for 35-40 mins as opposed to normal agarbattis which last for only 20 mins. They also do not produce any black smoke. The options include A) Floral Bouquet (flowery) which contains the essence of violet,rose, jasmine & patchouli. B) Sweet Delight (fruity) which contains Pineapple Cake, Coconut Cream Pie, Banana Pudding & Strawberry Pie Sticks. C) Harbor Side (mineral) with the essence of island breeze, bamboo palm, sandy beach & seagrass sticks. D) Lemongrass (herbal) contains lemongrass sticks.E) Exotic Island (mineral) contains the beautiful smells of lavendar, cinnamon spice, aloe vera & sandalwod sticks. F) All Time Favourites (spicy) contains opium, musk, sandalwood & patchouli sticks and lastly G) Exotic Fruits (fruity) containing the essence of mango tangerine, guava pomegrenade, sugarcane & fancy fig sticks. Each pack is priced at Rs.150.

Product Information

Product No.
Cultural Variation
Length (inches)
10.0 inches
Home Fragrance
Number Of Pieces
40 Sticks

Rs. 127

Rs. 150