AG Candle Stand

You will always need to decorate your house with different decor items, these candle holders will end your search for the candle holders. These are brass candle holders with plain texture and 1 micron silver plating plus lacquered finishing. The nice texture will surely catch the attention of your guests.

It comes in three sizes-

  • Big( L-3.3 inches, W-3.3 inches & H-9.8 inches)
  • Medium(L-3.3 inches, W-3.3 inches & H-7.8 inches)
  • Small(L-3.3 inches, W-3.3 inches & H-7.8 inches)
The diameter for the candle holder is 3.3 inches and can be occupied with candle having 3 inches diameter.

Product Information

Product No.
Table Top/Mantle Candle Holders
Rs. 850